Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market Guide

Everything you need to know about the LXP marketplace

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market Guide

The past 25 years has seen major strides in the evolution of eLearning. Learning experience platforms or LXPs are the latest stage of that evolution.

LXPs offer learner-driven experiences, with productivity tools that puts learners in control of their learning journey. Simply put, LXPs bring together the best elements of the digital learning environment.

This market guide examines the current state of the industry for a detailed look at leading LXP vendors as well as emerging vendors that are pushing the limits of what an LXP can do.

This market guide contains:

  • The core attributes of an LXP, including the difference between an LXP and an LMS
  • Attribute and vendor capabilities in an LXP that you should look for
  • Detailed directory of the top leading and emerging LXP vendors