Digital Learning Maturity in Your Organization

Using organizational maturity to drive results

Digital Learning Maturity in Your Organization

The digital revolution hasn’t just changed how people learn; it's been reshaping the modern workplace for 2 decades now.

By evaluating the maturity of your L&D organization, you can pinpoint the level of effectiveness of your current learning offer and its impact on business performance.

Knowing where you are can help you to define where you’re going – and how to get there faster!

This e-Book offers a brief review of the concept of Digital Learning Maturity, as a key to unlock the value of learning in your organization. It also introduces you to the unique framework we use at CrossKnowledge to assist and guide our clients throughout their maturity journey.

Included in this e-Book:

  • The founding principles of maturity models
  • Beyond academia towards modern business challenges
  • Maturity in the digital era
  • How to leverage maturity to create value
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