The 2019 State of the Digital Workplace Infographic

Modern digital workplace challenges, practices and strategies


Every team involved in implementing or managing the digital workplace will tell you it’s a journey. They’ll probably also add it’s a journey that never ends.

The evolution of the digital workplace is accelerating before our eyes. Collaboration and productivity, remote working, real-time communications, demographic shifts and intelligent systems are transforming the workplace more deeply and at a faster pace than ever before.

This infographic shows you the key takeaways of CMSWire's "The 2019 State of the Digital Workplace" report, a survey of nearly 500 diverse executives on modern digital workplace challenges, practices and strategies.

Included in this Infographic:

  • At-a-glance digital workplace state of 2019
  • Digital workplace priorities and challenges
  • 5 digital workplace to-dos for tomorrow
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