The Deluge of Unhappy Workers

Uncovering the real drivers of employee dissatisfaction and the roadmap to a happier workforce

The Deluge of Unhappy Workers

The average person spends over a third of their lives at work, and workplace satisfaction, or lack of it, is a common topic of conversation.

However, it seems workforce wellbeing is now reaching a tipping point, with the deluge of unhappy employees leaving their jobs being dubbed “The Great Resignation of 2021”.

This white paper highlights a number of distinct areas of concern across the 23,105 workers surveyed.

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  • 56% don’t feel valued in their role
  • Only 16% felt that their employer need make no changes to improve their employee experience and help them feel more valued in work
  • A mere 12% believe their organization had sufficient boundaries in place to safeguard their work/life balance