2022 Destination Workplace Report

How people value 7 key attributes of the employee experience

2022 Destination Workplace Report

Every company wants to be a destination workplace to which talent flocks. Few achieve it. Why? Likely because what we think people value – and what they actually want– aren’t always in alignment.

No matter if you offer below-market compensation or market-leading benefits, if you’re a regional company or multinational icon, there’s a way for you to stand out in the competition for top talent.

This report features tips for improving your employee experience to align with people’s needs.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 attributes of the employee experience that matter to people when picking an employer
  • The tradeoffs people are willing to make, such as more compensation but less flexibility or higher career trajectory but less social connection
  • The differences in preference between age groups, job levels, etc.