How to Build a Best-in-Class Digital Workplace

Case studies and advice from 8 leaders at Rocket Mortgage who are building a better employee experience

How to Build a Best-in-Class Digital Workplace

The workplace today reflects silos between HR and IT, which results in disconnected tools and no ownership of the employee experience.

Because the employee experience is now the digital experience, this problem is made even more critical. And it means that now more than ever HR, IT, and Operations need to work together to build a best-in-class digital workplace.

In this case study, you will learn how 8 C-Suite Leaders from Rocket Mortgage, a leading financial services firm, built an exceptional employee experience.

Included in this e-book:

  • The current state of the employee experience
  • How Rocket Mortgage has equipped its HR and IT teams to build a top-notch employee experience
  • The steps you can take to build a stronger employee experience
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