2021 Edition

The State of the Digital Workplace

500+ organizations offer a compelling snapshot of where we are and how the leaders are different

The State of the Digital Workplace

We’re entering the age of the hybrid workplace, where remote working at scale is normalized, and the working week for many employees is multi-locational. This year’s State of the Digital Workplace survey and report comes at a critical time.

Featuring real-world case studies and insights for your organization, this report will help you to deliver, manage and improve your digital workplace, and support your workforce as you navigate what the next phase of working will look like.

Included in this report:

  • 10 key takeaways distilled from 500 responses
  • Details on the evolution of the digital workplace
  • Priorities and challenges to implementing a digital workplace
  • Examination of remote work’s impact on the digital workplace
  • Case studies on evolving and adopting a digital workplace
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