Case Study

How to save 91K employee hours and $3.9M

This energy company became an innovation leader by creating a digital employee experience that works for every worker

How to save 91K employee hours and $3.9M

When Southern Company Gas launched an innovation initiative across their business, IT and communications leaders knew that one of the first things that had to change was the company’s digital employee experience.

The company knew they needed to modernize so that every worker had access to the critical information they needed to do their jobs, on the endpoints and devices they were used to using.

What they learned was that this access and engagement would also yield a number of critical business results.

Read the full case study to find out:

  • How they increased information access for their 60% frontline workforce
  • What the company did to boost employee engagement by 45%
  • Which steps they took to improve safety, digital maturity and customer experience
  • How they saved 91K employee hours, or $3.9M in productivity
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