IT Leader Survey: Employee Productivity & Engagement Study

Employee Engagement and Communications Drive Productivity

How to save 91K employee hours and $3.9M

With the shift to working from home and other COVID policy changes, productivity, engagement and employee communication have all been significantly impacted.

Together with social research platform Pulse, SocialChorus surveyed 100 enterprise IT executives in the North America and EMEA regions to find out how their priorities have shifted, what they see as the greatest challenges, and what would help them improve their organization’s digital experience for every employee.

Read the full data study to find out:

  • What issue 74% of IT executives agree is a major blocker to productivity
  • Which priorities have increased in importance for IT this year
  • What 80% of IT leaders see as the significant challenge for frontline and deskless workers
  • Which features they consider most critical for improving employee productivity and engagement
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