Creating a Modern Intranet Experience Without Replacing the Existing Technology

The Ultimate 5-Step Checklist

The Ultimate 5-Step Checklist for Creating a Modern Intranet Experience

According to Gartner, 90% of intranets fail to achieve their original goals. Employees are desperate for modern, frictionless digital experiences at work, but many intranets just offer basic content management. 

Your organization has a huge opportunity to improve the employee experience in some very simple (and perhaps unexpected) ways, starting with the intranet.

In this checklist, we'll outline the 5 critical features and functionality that your intranet needs to deliver a modern experience and support your employees.

Dive deeper into these five items:

  1. Target communications and information
  2. Offer anytime access to self-service information and tasks
  3. Integrate with complex enterprise systems to centralize access and simplify interactions
  4. Provide a single place for task management
  5. Deliver an intelligent, consumer-grade experience
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