Workshop On-Demand

Digital Mental Health Support: Helping Remote Workers Fight Burnout and Loneliness

How to realize your potential and succeed in the new era of well-being

Drawing on real-life stories and examples that come from his class ‘The Science of Happiness’ at New York University, Daniel Lerner (Author, Clinical Instructor at New York University) explores how we can address the unique challenges of isolation, low mood, collective loss, financial hardship—while also making room for new opportunities to thrive. Integrating the psychologies of happiness and performance to help audiences move beyond clichés and take action, Lerner shows that loving our work and working at what we love is achievable.

Join us for this live, 1.5 hour workshop as Lerner weaves together science and stories drawn from his vast experience, giving audiences the tools required to define success, create a strategy towards meaningful work, and make the most of the opportunities to be our very best (and most fulfilled) in the workplace and beyond.

In this workshop on-demand you’ll learn:

  • How organizations can help employees realize their utmost potential
  • How to bring your best self, your intrinsic talents, and your truest voice to all that you do
  • How to cultivate greater optimism, resilience, and willpower

View the Recording:

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