Workshop On-Demand

2022 State of the Digital Workplace

The digital employee experience has never been more critical

We are ushering in an age where work is conducted both from the office and remotely as needed.

But the truth is most organizations still don’t know what this looks like, and the return to the office remains fragmented and incomplete.

The true extent of how much work will be truly hybrid is still hard to ascertain.

In this state of uncertainty and change, the seventh annual State of the Digital Workplace Survey provides an authoritative portrait of our collective journey.

Join Sarah Kimmel, VP of Research at CMSWire and Reworked, for a deep dive into the research that uncovers the forces and trends shaping the digital workplace.

In this workshop on-demand you’ll dive into:

  • A snapshot of digital workplace maturity and investment priorities
  • An exploration into what’s working well with digital workplace tools and what needs work
  • Discovery around digital workplace ownership and attitudes around the future of hybrid work
  • Discussions into the current rate of adoption of AI and machine learning
  • Insights from more than 1,200 digital workplace executives and practitioners

View the Recording:

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