Win Over Tomorrow’s Talent

A growing company’s guide to hiring and retaining Gen Z and millennial workers // Live Wednesday, September 7 at 9am PT/ 12pm ET

Win Over Tomorrow’s Talent

This year, employee satisfaction and loyalty dropped 6-8% for mid-sized companies, a trend that’s slowing down growth companies with a voracious appetite for talent.

As the war to win over talent continues to get hotter, growth companies will find themselves in hiring battles against bigger and better-equipped companies. But smaller companies can come out ahead by dialing in on tomorrow’s talent: millennial and Gen Z workers. They may be tiktoking now, but in 2030 Gen Zs and millennials will make up 74.7% of the workforce.

In this webinar, we’ll chat with Heather Ostrowski, Organizational Development Specialist at Gate City Bank, about strategies to keep your talent talented. We’ll focus on how companies can come out ahead by offering flexible, future-focused benefits that appeal to tomorrow’s talent.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What Gen Z and millennial workers value and want
  • Strategies to hire and retain young talent
  • Ideas for upskilling to keep tomorrow’s talent talented