Solving Server Supply Chain Issues

It's a dangerous world out there — find out how to keep your infrastructure safe // Live Tuesday, October 18 at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Solving Server Supply Chain Issues

The current instability in world markets extends well beyond what you see in the headlines, such as gasoline shortages, and unfortunately that includes negative impacts on the data center industry. With hardware supply chain issues being top of mind for data center professionals, what can you do?

Organizations are moving workloads to the public cloud so they can avoid server supply chain issues-but don't know that they can can build out their own private cloud using Equinix Metal Services. The offering provides all of the benefits of the public cloud (OpEx Spend, scalability) but on an open source platform.

With Mirantis Container Cloud, Mirantis and Equinix Metal provide an open source, open standard platform to run modern Kubernetes workloads, or even traditional virtualized workloads in a secure, scalable way.

Join us on October 18th as we look at a means for providing a seamless and fully managed Containers as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service layer on top of Equinix Metal, offering the best of all computing worlds.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Why Hybrid Cloud is the way to go in 2022
  • How to enjoy the performance of bare metal while still getting the flexibility of containerization and the continuity of virtualization
  • How to leverage tools to avoid the pains of server shortages