Internal Comms and AI: Alleviate the Fear of the Blank Page

—Live Wednesday, June 7 at 11am PT / 2pm ET—

Internal Comms and AI: Alleviate the Fear of the Blank Page

Artificial Intelligence is arguably the hottest trend right now across all technology markets. Especially in the current market, when many teams are either being reduced or restructured, and we are all thinking about how we can do more with less. Your team is probably asking, How do we use AI? Should we use AI? Where does AI fit in in the world of Internal Comms? Can Internal Comms benefit from AI in their day-to-day life?

In this webinar, our employee experience experts will discuss how AI tools like generative content can help alleviate the fear and the roadblock of “the blank page”. Did you know that “blank page syndrome” is a real thing?! It’s basically writer’s block, and can seriously harm creativity and productivity. Using embedded generative content tools, that use AI to both edit and produce content, Internal Communicators can move past the fear of the blank page and more efficiently get their messages to the right audiences.

Attendees will learn:

  • Where AI and generative content tools fit in the world of internal communications
  • What you should do before rolling out an AI tool, to ensure it's secure and effective
  • Strategies on how to leverage AI in your digital workplace as a whole

Overall, this webinar will be valuable for all Internal Comms and IT leaders, and program managers, who want to learn about how they can use AI at work, and increase employee communications performance.